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Names That Live Forever

This site highlights buildings, classrooms, plazas, etc. named to honor university faculty, staff, and supporters. A public user can search by name or location to learn more about and see a photo of an item. The staff only section includes functions to create and edit items, photos, locations, and people.

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Gentry Art Gallery

The gallery is a place to view the artwork of Kelly Gentry. Created as a companion to an art gallery show, the site includes work from that event.

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Special Events Calendar

The client was keeping calendar information in several places - a word document for internal use, a web page limited to public events, and an Outlook calendar for event staff only. This project was commissioned to move the maintenance and storage of event information to one location, while allowing many output options tailored to each audience. The system also supplies RSS and iCalendar feeds to other systems, allowing the inclusion of this information in web sites and other calendars.

The public calendars are available at

Gentry Gourds Online Store

Gentry Gourds Online Store Screen Shot

Still a work in progress, this retail site will offer the gourd artwork of Kelly Gentry - augmenting her in-person sales at re-enactment festivals.

Coming soon!

Training Registration

Training Registration Screen Shot

This staff-only application facilitates self-registration for training classes. An employee can see training history, available classes, and scheduled sessions. Emails are sent to confirm registration, and the instructor can quickly record attendence.

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