Change of Plan

I’ve been working on a project (hereafter called ‘The Project’) for almost two years, although not much lately.  When I switched the platform from a customer hosted solution to a SAS application, the complexity increased greatly, and the estimated time to finish (if I were actually working on it) has extended past any acceptable time frame.  Plus, I’m finding more and more companies that have already put up applications to fill this need – plenty of competition.

I have interests in other Django tasks, including a possible reusable application, conversion of previous code to a newer Django version, and a personal project.  However, my guilt on not focusing on The Project has kept me from these tasks.

Therefore, I am officially announcing that The Project is being put aside – maybe temporarily, maybe forever.  I’ll certainly keep the code around – lots of useful snippets there, but no more active development.

The Project is dead, long live the new projects!