I’m setting up an online store using the popular Django application Satchmo. My goal is to build a site to sell my wife’s gourd art, but I’d also like to get a store in my portfolio to show to future clients.

Here are a couple of hints on the installation.


After I installed everything, I ran the satchmo_check command to confirm the configuration and received this error:

Unable to resolve url. Received error- Empty module name

Turns out I had missed a setting when modifying the skeleton file. Be sure to set ROOT_URLS to the correct setting for your installation. It was blank in the sample file.


My first experiment was with the trunk version, currently 0.9-2. However, for the installation of my store, I used the latest released version, 0.9-1. Should be close, right? It probably is, but a big thing to note is that this version does not use the CSRF middleware that is included in my default setup. I didn’t get very far until I commented that module in

I’ll post more as I run across things.