Eclipse SQL Explorer

Today I setup Eclipse SQL Explorer in my Eclipse environment. I’ve been looking for a good SQL plugin for a while, and I stumbled on this while searching for something else.

Installing it was easy, as there was an Eclipse update mechanism link provided.

Next, a little tougher. My first DB to try is in SQLite format, so I had to find a SQLite Java driver. Google saves me once again, pointing out sqlitejbdc from Zentus. I put the .jar file in the eclipse/plugins folder.

The SQL Explorer driver entry needs to be linked to the java driver in order to access the DB. The SQL Explorer site offered an example for MySQL, but the advice works for any DB driver. Basically, the .jar file is added in the Extra Class Path tab, and the driver can then be selected. sqlitejdbc only contains one driver, so it was automatically loaded.

Creating the connection was easy. Just select the SQLite driver that was just modified above, and then enter the path to the db file. I was in the db and SELECTing data in no time.

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