Apple Sucks!

(a little side rant that I had to get out)

My iPhone has always on Internet access. Also, I am required to setup an account with Apple to even run iTunes in order to copy files to my iPhone.

So, with the potential of storing my settings and information in three places (phone, laptop, cloud), why is the only copy of these settings that I can use on the laptop?

I can’t figure out why I need a laptop at all. Why can’t the phone connect to the iTunes service directly to ‘sync’. Nope, podcast subscriptions and music (unless I purchase a song) have to be copied to the laptop first, and then copied through a little wire to the phone. Very 20th century.

Yesterday, I was trying to switch to a new computer for my syncing and downloading, and it was not easy. Just plugging in the phone didn’t work, as it wanted to overwrite the phone contents with the data in the new iTunes installation – AN EMPTY ONE THAT I HAD JUST INSTALLED! Plus, it wanted to erase my existing music, podcasts, and videos from the phone! Why can’t I copy the phone info into the new iTunes? Or a least leave it alone? Why aren’t my settings, information, subscriptions, etc., saved to and accessible from the cloud?

A quick web search found many procedures to try when transferring to a new computer, but none were easy, and I doubt if most users would be able to do it. I’ll figure it out tonight, but from a company that values design and ease of use, this is an abomination.