Next Application Please

For my Django upgrade project, I see several steps for each of the four applications:

  • Review the code and update on my laptop
  • Pass to the designer for any changes he needs to make (probably not many related to the Django version change)
  • Move the code to the DEV server to test Apache and Oracle compatibility
  • Deploy to QA and test the heck out of it.
  • Deploy to production and hope nobody notices

The first time I work on the DEV server, there will also be virtualenv things to work out.

Application #1 has gone through the first step. so I’m now starting work on app #2. It’s a little bigger, so this may take a little longer. Keep in mind that this first step is all being done in my spare time.

Work has been pretty crazy, so I haven’t had time to talk with the server admins about virtualenv or Oracle 11g. Hope to get to it soon.