Setup Django Environment on a New Mac

MacBook Pro

Setting up a Mac for Django development was easy – even a little easier than I thought. My machine is a new MacBook Pro running 10.8.2.


Xcode provides the utilities needed for Python libraries and Subversion. It can be installed from the App Store. Afterwards, open the application, open Preferences and select downloads, then install the command line tools.

Python Utilities

In a terminal window:

  1. sudo easy_install pip
  2. sudo easy_install virtualenv


Setting up Eclipse worked pretty much the same as it does on Linux.

  1. Download desired Eclipse package. I used the Java EE package, Indigo (3.7) version.
  2. Unzip the files
  3. Copy Eclipse folder to Applications
  4. Drag the program file to the dock

As I cover in my earlier post, My Eclipse Setup for Django, I installed Aptana Studio 3 to add Python and Django support, and Subclipse to access my Subversion repositories.

That’s It!

Not tough at all. Happy developing!