Accessing the Value of a Form Field in a Template

(This is a ‘Note to Self’ post)

I’ve been trying for half the day to get radio buttons in a custom template to work. The buttons are generated in a for loop that builds a table row for each choice (iterating over a queryset called cls), including this code for the row’s radio button:

input type="radio" name="reg_choice_1" value="{{ }}"
 {% ifequal srform.reg_choice_1 %}CHECKED{% endifequal %}

The goal is to have the ifequal test tell me if the row’s matches the value set in the form. However, I didn’t know how to access that value. After many Google searches, perusal of the Django documentation, and even a failed attempt to follow the template rendering code, I was stumped. As a wild guess, I tried the .data attribute, and it worked! Here’s the updated (and functional) code:

input type="radio" name="reg_choice_1" value="{{ }}" 
{% ifequal %}CHECKED{% endifequal %}

I hope that I’ve put enough keywords in this post so that future stumped Djangonauts can find some help.

As always, leave your comments below.