Installing Oracle Client on Ubuntu 11.10

Oracle Logo(Another post written for personal documentation)

Get Software

Download these three packages from Oracle for the proper operating system (32 bit for me):

  • Instant Client Basic-Lite
  • Instant Client SDK
  • Instand Client SQLPlus

Unzip and copy to /opt/oracle/11_2/instantclient


Create /etc/

#Oracle client LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting

Update cache:

sudo ldconfig -v

Symbolic Link to Library

ln -s


export ORACLE_HOME=/opt/oracle/11_2/instantclient

Install Python Library

The library is called cx-oracle. Use your favorite installation method. (Don’t forget about your virtual environment!)

That’s It

Hope I remembered everything.


Found another post that outlines the procedure maybe a little better than I did, and includes notes on setting up tnsnames.ora. See Install Oracle Instant Client 11.1 and cx_Oracle 4.4 on Ubuntu 8.04 on Technoblog.

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